Hot foot baths can relieve migraines


12/31/2023 13:44

Hot baths for the hands and feet may have a positive effect on reducing migraine symptoms, neurologists told Health. Although there is no rigorous scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of this method, doctors have expressed the opinion that it may be useful.

In one small 2016 study, researchers tested 40 patients with chronic migraine. In addition to standard migraine treatment, one group received hot hand and foot baths and a 20-minute ice scalp massage daily. A 45-day assessment found that the use of hot baths and ice massage was associated with a decrease in pain intensity. The study, while not establishing cause and effect, supports the potential effectiveness of hot baths in treating migraines.

Experts believe that hot baths for the feet and hands can help redistribute blood from the brain to the extremities and also relieve stress by distracting the nervous system from pain signals.

Migraine is characterized by a throbbing headache, often limited to one side of the head, with possible accompanying sensitivity to light and smells. Expert recommendations include drinking more water, avoiding coffee, loud noises and bright lights, and taking short rest if necessary. Medicines recommended by your doctor should be taken as early as possible to shorten the duration of an attack or prevent its occurrence.

Author Angelina Efremova

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