How long can pickles be stored in glass jars?

Pickles appear in many families for the winter. Some people cook it themselves after harvesting their summer harvest. And some receive it as a gift from relatives. Preserves are stored in different places: in the cellar, in the refrigerator, on the balcony. But how long will it take for such a jar of tomatoes to become inedible? Let’s figure it out together with

It is better to store jars of pickles in the dark, in rooms with low humidity. The optimal temperature should be around 5. It is also important that this place is ventilated.

The best places for storage are basements, cellars and refrigerators.

By the way, banks need to be checked from time to time. If the lid is swollen or rusty, if the jar is cracked or the brine becomes cloudy, mold appears, gas bubbles rise, then we throw it away immediately.

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