How to drink champagne without a headache in the morning

““Not all champagne is sparkling, but not all sparkling is champagne,” this is one of the main nuances that you need to consider when purchasing,” says Natalya Lezhepekova.

Only wine produced in the Champagne region from three main grape varieties and only using the classical method can be called champagne.

The remaining wines are called sparkling and are also divided according to geographical location and production method (Prosecco, Cava, etc.).

According to the wine expert, the choice of varieties depends on taste preferences. So, if you appreciate a bright floral-fruity profile in a drink, then choose young sparkling wines from different countries: Russia, Italy, France, Germany. The main thing is that the harvest year is fresh. If you are a fan of richer aromas, especially the nuances of fresh baked goods and butter, pay attention to the same champagne or sparkling wine made according to the classical method (with repeated fermentation and aging in the bottle).

The most important nuance when choosing a sparkling drink is the amount of sugar. To accurately choose a quality product and avoid headaches, choose brut or extra brut. And do not forget about the correct serving temperature – 5-9 degrees.

And to avoid a headache in the morning, you need to remember the golden rules: consumption in moderation, a good snack and plain water. For one glass of sparkling wine you need to drink two glasses of water.

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