Bence Istenes spoke about his boxing match against Jenő Rácz: “I felt that it was not good to be here”

He would do it again, even though he was left behind in the Starbox.

Image: IstenesBence / Youtube

God Bence is now Good evening in the final episode of the season, he talked about how he experienced the events surrounding the Starbox. In his view recalls: for a week between the end of November and the beginning of December, the tabloid news talked about nothing but the misadventures of Bence Istenes and Jenő Rácz. This reached its climax in the boxing match: the match was won by Jenő Rácz by points, whom the host did not want to congratulate.

I felt the energies. I went into the ring and I felt that listen, I might be better, I don’t know, it turns out, from a sporting point of view. But I can’t win this game here. When you feel the energies oppressing you. I felt like wow, it’s not good to be here. It was just bad to go in. I had remorse, I knew what many people were thinking now, and that what they were thinking was not true. I understand the truth to mean that I know what’s inside me, in my soul, and that I didn’t want anything bad

– said Istenes regarding the match. When Peti Marics asked him whether, knowing the final outcome, he would go back to Starbox, he answered the following:

They had such depths the whole year. Because of what I experienced there, I really do. That I could simply get closer to myself. I understood myself better when I started on this journey of self-discovery five years ago, when I had two nervous breakdowns and set out on my own path, going on El Camino, starting a family and all. This one year added a lot to help me find myself and become the person I wanted to be for a very long time. So yes. The answer to the question is yes, I would take it anyway.

Istenes and Rácz finally sat down to discuss their differences at the meeting in early December they also took a joint photo in the name of peace.

Photo: IstenesBence / Youtube

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