How to get delicious single clove garlic,


07.11.2023 08:45

If you weren’t able to plant winter garlic in the fall, don’t worry—you can still do it in the spring. However, it is worth remembering that there is a possibility of getting single-clove garlic.

It is best to plant in early spring, as soon as the soil allows. Garlic is cold-hardy, so the cooler it is at the beginning of the growing season, the higher the chances of producing multi-clove bulbs.

It should be noted that the later in the spring winter garlic is planted, the greater the likelihood of getting a one-clove harvest. In very hot weather, the entire crop may also be single-clawed. Despite this, it is worth considering that single-clove garlic has high taste, with a juicy and strong bulb.

If you are faced with single-clove garlic and want to preserve the variety, collect the airy bulbs for pre-winter sowing of the largest “seeds”. Next year, these bulbs will grow into one-toothed ones. Single cloves planted before winter can turn into large bulbs with 5-7 or more cloves. This method also helps to improve the health of planting material, which is important when propagating by bulblets.

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