how to keep your vehicle warm

Cold winter and the car: how to keep your vehicle warm


02/13/2024 19:38

In winter, car owners should especially carefully monitor the condition of their vehicle. It must be remembered that low temperatures can adversely affect the operation of the machine. Experts note that air temperatures around -25 degrees Celsius are dangerous for a car.

If the thermometer shows such values, it is recommended to temporarily stop using the car to avoid problems with the engine and other components.

Experts emphasize that minus 25 degrees is a critical point for a car, especially taking into account the electronics, battery and engine. So-called “cold starts” can be dangerous for a car, although modern models usually cope better with such conditions, provided the battery is in good condition.

However, if your car is already quite old, it is recommended to be especially careful when operating it in winter. Older cars often have difficulty starting in low temperatures and may also experience fuel delivery problems.

Author Makar Gorshenin

Makar Vadimovich Gorshenin is a student at the Moscow University of Finance and Law, a freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru.

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