How to prevent car windows from fogging up in snow and rain

Don’t let your car windows fog up. These tips will save your view even in the slushiest weather


02/12/2024 07:10

njcar portal. ru shared tips on how to avoid fogging up your car windows during rain and snow.

The first rule is to turn on the air conditioner and let it run, as it dries the air, which prevents condensation on the windows. However, it is important to adjust the direction of air flow to the front windshield and side windows, and use electric heating for the rear window.

It is important to remember that using air recirculation in such conditions is of no use and may even increase window fogging.

Author Daniil Polonikov

Daniil Sergeevich Polonikov (December 19, 2003, Ivanovo) – student at the Higher School of Economics, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru.

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