Jessner Peel: Advantages and Disadvantages

Jessner Peel: Advantages and Disadvantages


02/12/2024 07:10

The Jessner Peel is a procedure based on a unique formulation developed by dermatologist Max Jessner in the 1940s. Contrary to the legend of its connection with submarines, it was created to treat hyperkeratosis. This peel, although containing acids, is usually gentle and suitable for most skin types, except very sensitive ones. It can be superficial, medium or deep, depending on the number of layers applied to the skin.

Advantages of the Jessner Peel include its relative safety, predictable effects, and no need for special preparation or long-term restrictions after the procedure. The results are visible after the first session, recovery is painless within 5-10 days. It is also available at any age with the appropriate recommendations of a dermatologist.

Disadvantages include limited seasonality, the need to avoid sun exposure after the procedure, and the risk of hyperpigmentation from ultraviolet exposure. It is also not recommended for dark-skinned people due to the possibility of uneven skin tone. Contraindications also limit its use.

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