in Kazan, a man died while washing a tank

Poisoned by chemicals: a man died in Kazan while washing a tank

In Kazan, a tragic incident occurred at a car wash on Tulskaya Street. Two men working at the car wash began cleaning the tank, which had previously transported a dangerous substance – hexene. While working, they climbed inside the tank, where they were exposed to this toxic substance and lost consciousness.

After discovering the incident, emergency personnel from the Ministry of Emergency Situations arrived at the scene, equipped with breathing apparatus, went down inside the tank and evacuated the victims. One of the men, born in 1984, died at the scene, despite resuscitation. His friend, born in 1989, was hospitalized with acute poisoning from a chemical substance, reports

In connection with the incident, the prosecutor’s office began an investigation to clarify the circumstances of the incident, including checking compliance with labor safety requirements. Based on the results of the investigation, appropriate measures will be taken if violations are identified or grounds for prosecution are established.

Author Oleg Loginov

Oleg Loginov – student at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru

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