interesting facts about the movie “Girls”

Why Kustinskaya wasn’t cast in the role of Tosya and how Rybnikov ate ice: interesting facts about the film “Girls”


03/25/2024 13:00

The film “Girls” is based on the story of a writer and professional timber raftsman Boris Bedny. Director Yuri Chulyukin appreciated the story, but asked Bedny to add a little more vivid emotions and characters to it, so that the text would become more cinematic and the film adaptation would not turn into a simple everyday sketch.

Yuri Chulyukin wanted to approve the role of Tosya Natalia Kustinskaya, to whom he was married at the time, but the artistic council did not like this idea, which considered the actress too beautiful, and therefore unable to embody the image of a simple, cheerful and spontaneous girl. When work on the film began, the director for some time did not dare to tell his wife that he was already filming “Girls.” Nadezhda Rumyantseva.

Tosi Rumyantseva copied the image from one of her fans. A young pupil of the orphanage came to visit the actress for tea in a coat that was too thin for winter and in a hat with earflaps, in which she sat the whole evening. Looking at her guest, Rumyantseva realized that this was Tosya.

The film was shot in harsh conditions in the Northern Urals in real forestry. The filming took place in 40-degree frost. Even the soup that the characters were supposed to eat in the film turned into ice. It happened one day when Nikolay Rybnikov He put a spoonful of soup in his mouth, and it froze right in his mouth. The artist could not take it out and began to wait for it to warm up. When he finally took it out, there was a piece of skin left on it. It was impossible to continue working in such frosts, and the film crew moved to the Tver region, and the very last scenes were filmed in warm Yalta.

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