It became known what Matthew McConaughey did to stay in shape on set

It became known what Matthew McConaughey did to stay in shape on set


03/25/2024 05:12

Matthew McConaughey – an actor who treats all his roles with the utmost responsibility. He is not afraid to experiment with his body. Trainer Boris Ilyin analyzed the actor’s popular workout, with which he prepared for one of his roles.

If you look at footage from the 2012 movie “Magic Mike”, there McConaughey pumped up. But a year later, in the film “Dallas Buyers Club,” he appeared as a painfully thin man who contracted AIDS. An actor can either get into shape or deliberately lose it in a short time.

While preparing for roles, he gets help from people who create training programs and diets for him.

Judging by the photo, Matthew is still in good shape, he has well-developed pectoral muscles and arms, but no pronounced abs. However, for his role in the movie “Magic Mike” he needed iron abdominal muscles, because he played a stripper.

According to the trainer, he most likely trained the press in the following way: plank on straight arms – 30 sec; plank on the forearms – 30 sec; rest – 15 sec; plank on straight arms – 30 sec; plank in a prone position with a knee at the elbow – 30 sec; rest – 15 sec; forearm plank – 30 sec; side plank – 30 sec; rest – 15 seconds.

The actor prepared for the film “The Reign of Fire” at his ranch in Texas, where he ran six kilometers every day and then finished off himself in the gym. McConaughey I was on a diet like I said Ilyin, it included dairy products, vegetables, chicken and beef. And the preparation yielded results; in the film he looks very menacing and intimidating.

Author Elena Galabaeva

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