It has been revealed who Detti Martonovics is, who, according to Judit Varga, knew about the access to the Schadl documents! Here is the presentation of the other people mentioned in the Hungarian audio recording!

Several names are mentioned in the audio recording made public by Péter Magyar on Tuesday, which he made during their private conversation with his ex-wife, former Minister of Justice Judit Varga.

The Index he tracked down the persons mentioned by name in his article.

After the resignation of President Katalin Novák and Judit Varga, Péter Magyar, the ex-husband of former Minister of Justice Judit Varga and the former head of the Student Loan Center, first expressed messages critical of the government on his Facebook page, then in several interviews and at a demonstration he organized, and then announced his intention to found a party.

Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt. Photo: MTI

Last week on Wednesday, Magyar was heard as a witness at the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office, where he was accompanied by his legal representatives, including former Minister of Justice Péter Bárándy. After his hearing, he made three statements about the Völner-Schadl case:

Schadl was a man of Propaganda Minister Antal György Rogán.

The government already knew before the suspicion and detention that criminal proceedings and secret surveillance were taking place, and Pál Völner was also informed of this.

“I couldn’t say exactly who knew what and who informed whom.”

Antal Rogán and/or Antal Rogán’s people entered the prosecutor’s office and manipulated, rewrote, and copied the prosecutor’s documents.

The prosecution called it an impossibility

“he withheld evidence in the named case, or someone would have destroyed the evidence in the prosecution’s case”.

Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt issued an official statement on the case on Monday.

Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt, who is “not master of the situation”

In the audio recording made public by Péter Magyar, he talks about the investigative phase of the Völner-Schadl case with the ex-wife of the former head of the Student Loan Center, Judit Varga, where Péter Polt’s name was also mentioned. The former Minister of Justice claims that “this clearly shows that this could have happened because Polt is not in control of the situation within the prosecutor’s office.”

Péter Polt obtained a law degree from the ELTE Faculty of Law, and in 1982 he passed the judge-prosecutor examination. Later he returned to his alma mater, in 1983 he became a teaching assistant at the Criminal Law Department of ELTE ÁJK, and three years later an assistant professor. It was here that he met the founders of Fidesz, whom he noticed here, and later came into closer contact with them.

He joined the party in 1993, he was a representative candidate of Fidesz in the 1994 elections, but he did not win a representative mandate. In 1995, he became the general deputy of the parliamentary commissioner for civil rights, at which time he left the party. He was appointed chief prosecutor in 2000, and his mandate lasted until 2006 – already at that time, he received a lot of criticism because Fidesz did not initiate proceedings in sensitive cases, or they ended without results.

In 2010, after the two-thirds victory of the Fidesz-KDNP, he was re-elected as chief prosecutor. János Kis legally won a lawsuit against him when he wrote in Élet és Irodalom in 2020 that Polt “had already amply proved during his previous term of office that he does not hold his office as an impartial public servant, but as a servant of his client”. At that time, Polt sued for damage to his reputation, but in the end the court did not find him right.

He received similar criticisms in his second term as well, Átlátszó wrote a few years ago that since the end of 2010, the number of criminal proceedings initiated in political corruption cases was almost twice as high as before. The General Prosecutor’s Office terminated the proceedings in several cases where the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) found serious irregularities.

Dani should go to the prosecutor’s office”

In the audio recording provided by Péter Magyar, Judit Varga mentions a certain Dani, below is the transcript of the conversation about him:

English: About Schadl, that aaa… you said… that you started to say something, that Rogán said something that was so strange, but how do you say that he advised something about what not to do or how to do it, only then did I leave .

Varga: All you have to do is for Dani to go over to the prosecutor’s office and ask how it is […]

From then on, Dani is not mentioned in the conversation, but based on what was said, his task was to check the records at the prosecutor’s office to see if the parts mentioned later had really been removed from them.

Based on the context, the Dani mentioned in the recording could have been the chief of staff of Dániel Hódos, former justice minister Judit Varga. Hódos appeared several times with Judit Varga, for example during a visit to Soltvadkert in 2021.

Detti Martonovics, the “puller”

On the recording, Detti Martonovics, i.e. Bernadett Martonovics, is spoken with his full name and nickname. The conversation between Judit Varga and Péter Magyar sounded like this in the recording that came to light on Tuesday:

Magyar: But Detti Martonovics (Bernadett Martonovics, then chief government advisor of the Civil and Judicial Codification Department of the IM – ed.) said that there was nothing wrong, but things were dragged out…

Varga: Of course, they pulled themselves out, Detti Martonovics…

Hungarian: In the original docs, or only what was published?

Varga: They recommended to the prosecutors what should be extracted, but not all of them followed this.

Bernadette Martonovics. Photo: Hungarian Bank Association

Bernadett Martonovics worked as the then senior chief government adviser of the Civil and Judicial Codification Department of the Ministry of Justice. recalled that due to his position, he was in regular contact with György Schadl, the former president of the Hungarian Court Executive, who also mentioned to him that he wanted to fire a judge. Martonovics, on the other hand, claimed that he did not remember such a thing, at best it could have been “storytelling”.

Bernadett Martonovics also examined executive candidates, the committee he chaired allowed one of Schadl’s men to pass, and then, according to the testimony of the investigative documents, he insulted on the phone that

“everything is fine, but it was a disaster”.

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