It is now certain, the terrorists of the Islamic State massacred 137 people in Moscow

The terrorist organization released footage of the attack in Russia, recorded by the attackers themselves, and they can be heard encouraging each other to commit the murders.

Based on the new videos published by the Islamic State, it is already certain that

they committed the attack against the Crocus City concert hall near Moscow that claimed 137 lives.

It was Friday’s terrorist attack in Krasnogorsk It was the Islamic State’s bloodiest operation in Europe and the most serious in Russia since the Beslan tragedy., writes the Guardian.

This is all that remains of the Crocus City Hall building. Photo: AFP

The news agency of the Islamist terrorist organization, Amaq, released new footage of the actions. The footage was taken by the militants themselves hunting civilians in the lobby of Crocus City Hall and opening fire on them at close range. At one point in the video, you can hear that

one attacker urges his partner to spare no one and kill everyone.

All four direct perpetrators of the attack were arrested. A total of 11 people were detained in connection with the attack. Russia previously tried to blame Ukraine for what happened, which Kiev firmly refused.

It is now certain that the 42-year-old former Russian beauty queen Yekaterina Novoselova died in the carnage in Moscow. The model won a beauty contest in 2001. Novoselova is listed by the Russian Ministry of Health as a victim of Crocus City Hall. He lived in a city called Tver, he recently moved to Moscow.

People adored the 42-year-old former Russian beauty queen Yekaterina Novoselova Photo: YouTube

More and more information is appearing in the Russian media about the victims of Friday’s terrorist attack. Another victim is 44-year-old Natalia Zudina, who graduated from the Ural State University of Economics and traveled from Yekaterinburg to Moscow – this was reported by the Daily Mail portal.

The bodies of 34-year-old Pavel Okishev and his wife, photographer Irina Okisheva, were found next to each other. The couple was from Kirov and had been together since 2012. Among the injured is an eight-year-old boy who is said to be in a critical condition.

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