Hand cream kills the effect of antiseptic: they started talking about it online, and we asked experts

There has been talk online that using hand cream can neutralize the effect of antiseptic, so we turned to experts to clarify this issue


03/25/2024 10:36

Dermatologists around the world express a unanimous opinion: disinfectants are not a substitute for proper hand washing, since they only reduce the number of germs on the skin, but do not completely destroy them. Experts emphasize that antiseptics can only be an acceptable alternative to hand washing in cases where such a procedure is not possible.

However, it is important to remember that if your hands are heavily soiled, even an antiseptic with a high content of alcohol or colloidal silver may not be effective. It is important to use disinfectants correctly: apply them only to dry and clean hands, and determine the amount individually in accordance with the instructions on the package. After applying the antiseptic, you must allow it to completely absorb into the skin before touching surfaces or using hand cream. The optimal wait time is about 10 minutes, as recommended by experts. Modern antiseptic solutions are recommended to be used at least once every two hours, or after each contact with various surfaces.

While hand cream can also be used at similar intervals, but 10 minutes or more after using the sanitizer.

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