“It was in.. 2023”: “Court brokers” are having a bad year

The case known in the media as “judicial brokers” aroused public interest in the events of 2023. After a number of judges affiliated with the Public Prosecution were involved in cases of “exploiting influence, disclosing professional secrets, and trading in judicial rulings.”

Among the events of this year, judges were imprisoned, including those against whom judicial rulings were issued, and others whose trial continues, after security forces were able to overthrow a network consisting of more than 40 mediators, most of whom are in detention, including judges and lawyers.

These follow-ups come in the context of the investigations that were opened against the backdrop of the case that shook the Casablanca courts, last summer of 2022, following the arrest of a network of brokers, intermediaries, judges, and security personnel in the “Sand Network” case. This is in the context of files that were tampered with through mediation by the suspects after intercepting phone calls between them that were transcribed by the judicial police.

The investigations, especially those related to phone calls, led to the arrest of eight judges and four lawyers, in addition to daily workers, merchants, company managers, judicial delegates, and unemployed people. During the investigations, they were confronted with the contents of the phone calls they had made among themselves, and they were referred to trial at the Court of Appeal in the city of Casablanca.

The brokers are being prosecuted in the brokerage file, which caused a judicial earthquake in the courts of the city of Casablanca, on charges of committing misdemeanors and felonies, “disclosing professional secrets, exploiting influence, bribery, and mediation in this regard with public officials, in exchange for paying and receiving bribes in large sums of money, and fraud.”


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