The reason for the hospitalization of a one-year-old baby from the Leningrad region was drops from a runny nose


12/30/2023 11:54

A one-year-old boy from the Leningrad region ended up in the hospital after being poisoned cold drops.

According to Fontanka, the incident occurred in Vsevolozhsk. The fact is that the boy had a cold, and his parents began to give him a drug for the common cold, which is not approved for use at this age.

The baby’s parents dropped a well-known remedy for the common cold into his nose, one of the components of which was imidazoline derivative nitrate. Soon after this, the child turned pale, began to sweat profusely, and began to lose consciousness.

Doctors assessed the boy’s condition as moderate. It turned out that the medicine for the common cold that his parents gave him is completely contraindicated for children under two years of age, and a large dosage of the medicine is not approved for use even in adolescents.

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