János Lázár only had one “cheeky” answer: He did not reveal what kind of chocolate he gave to the guides working for free

Lázár did not reveal what kind of chocolate the company that received many, many millions for counting passengers gave to the conductors working for free, Hadházy writes on his social media page.

Minister of Construction and Transport János Lázár will give a speech at the inauguration of the HUF 3 billion development of the Fenékpuszta major in Keszthely on December 17, 2023. The National Castle and Castle Program was completed with the renovation of the major. MTI/Soldier Tibor

The conductors receive a bar of chocolate as a “gift” for counting passengers on MÁV flights. The generous gift is given by the company that undertook the task for many tens of millions – we wrote about this in more detail here.

Of course, there is no trace of it in the public procurement notice, so the passengers are probably counted as subcontractors. So there is another company that doesn’t even bother with giving out chocolates, it just needs to pocket the money.

And this is probably the Balásy-type company stuffed by the Rogáns, which also hid a passenger count of 75 million in its 21 billion dollar propaganda framework contract.

According to the politician, Lázár did not even issue a contract, he cheekily only “answered” that certain details of the contract were in the public database.

Well, this “only” does not reveal how much and why the work was done (i.e. it was done with the guides for a chocolate).

– writes the politician, who unofficially found out that the guides were given a Merc chocolate and that the company “counted” the free travelers not as a subcontractor of Balásy’s propaganda company, but within its own, larger framework contract.

Which raises as an additional question, what did Balásy’s company, which earned tens of billions on propaganda, calculate for 70 million?

he asked the question.

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