The deputy head of the Moulay Yacoub group decides to resign in protest against the authorities’ handling of the council’s decisions

Youssef Baba, First Vice President of the Moulay Yacoub Community Council, announced his resignation from his position in protest against the local authorities’ neglect and lack of response to a number of the Council’s decisions, according to what he included in his resignation letter.
Baba said that his resignation, which he decided to make official next Tuesday, is due to a number of reasons, including the local authority’s failure to respond to several correspondence he sent to it regarding the liberation of the collective public domain, despite demands to send a reminder correspondence on the subject. He also pointed out the failure of the local authority and the Royal Gendarmerie to implement the Council’s decisions regarding the road signaling related to the road section to Hamma Moulay Yacoub, despite providing them with the decisions at the time, “which makes it difficult to create a random parking station without any legal basis near the traditional metal Hamma.” The representative also accused the company that manages the Atakiya metal swimming pools of evading the start of work on these swimming pools, despite the council’s unanimous decision in this regard and its handing over of the repair license to the company. He also pointed out the absence of the urban transport company’s evasion of commitment to the agreement concluded with them, as these buses are frequently absent from a number of axes without taking into account the difficult conditions experienced by students and school students in the city of Fez, as well as other categories of employees and employees working in Moulay Yacoub, as well as the residents, as a result of the lack of urban transport despite I contacted the company in question several times to correct the situation, but to no avail.

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