Joseph Prigozhin and Timati called on not to incite ethnic hatred after the terrorist attack in Crocus

Joseph Prigozhin and Timati called for stopping ethnic hatred after the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall


03/24/2024 22:44

Producer Joseph Prigogine And rapper Timati they are afraid of the development of an interethnic conflict after the tragedy in Crocus City Hall.

Joseph Prigozhin and Timati appealed to their subscribers to prevent the incitement of ethnic hatred due to the fact that the Crocus City Hall concert hall was attacked by people from Tajikistan.

“Terrorists have no face, criminals have no religion. We must make every effort to prevent this national hatred,” Prigozhin said.

He explained that hatred of specific criminals cannot be transferred to the entire nation to which they belong based on nationality.

Rapper Timati conveyed a similar idea to his audience. He recalled that Russia is an interethnic country.

“Don’t leave the opportunity for those who ordered these crimes to shake up the interethnic situation within our country,” the musician urged.

Previously blogger Ida Galich explained that You can’t poison Tajiks only because the people who attacked Crocus came from Tajikistan.

Author Elena Bylkina

Elena Bylkina – journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service

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