Labor market – 2024. Employee-harvesting solutions!

The biggest challenge for employers this year is the labor shortage and keeping wages competitive. The lesson is posted again! But fortunately, there is room for maneuver and many good solutions for employers to retain employees and recruit new ones. The PP Conference Center – BKIK “Labor market – 2024. Employee-harming solutions!” speakers of the hybrid conference bring effective answers to the labor shortage.

Blue and white collar workers can also come!

There is a huge shortage of engineers, skilled blue-collar workers and seasonal workers. This also needs to be remedied, according to the new “immigrant police” law, skilled workers and seasonal workers will also be able to come from third countries.

Retaining the workforce will remain a hot topic for quite some time to come. The more flexible approach and faster decision-making of smaller companies can give them a competitive advantage when hiring new employees. In addition to continuous training, competitive wages, flexible employment and the attraction of the company’s brand remain essential conditions for the stable maintenance of the company.

We can also choose from many employment-related support options. Don’t leave it unused!

At the 15th Manpower Market Conference, we welcome all SME managers, HR professionals and middle managers, whether their company is a producer or a service provider.

You can come to the location in person and you can watch the event on video from the next day for 10 days!

Last day of Earlybird: February 15th.

Detailed program and registration:

Munkaerőpiac – 2024


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