Maxim Fadeev about the global success of his hit “My Marmalade”: this is such a jaga-jaga


11/22/2023 00:47

Producer Maxim Fadeev told how he wrote the hit “My Marmalade” for Kati Lel, which breaks all records for popularity in the world.

Fadeev himself is surprised that the hit “My Marmalade” performed by Katya Lel, written two decades ago, entered the world top 5 on Spotify.

He noted that this is already his 6th track, which has become popular in the world.

“It was today, in the context of the “cancellation” of everything Russian, that a song in Russian took off in the world charts,” the producer wrote on a banned social network.

Fadeev explained that he specially came up with a slight foreign accent for Katya Lel so that the singer would sound new.

He remembered that the track was rejected by Europe Plus and other Russian radio stations and TV channels. No one thought the song was a hit.

“This is such a jaga-jaga,” Fadeev joked.

Previously about the success of the hit “My Marmalade” Katya Lel spoke out.

Author Elena Bylkina

Elena Bylkina – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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