Monday weather: rain and thunder

The General Directorate of Meteorology expects, for Monday, that the weather condition in general will be characterized by rainy and thundery weather over the northern and central regions, the Rif, the Atlas, and the northern eastern region.

Other scattered rains are also expected to fall over the south of the eastern region and the north of the southern regions, while the weather will be sparsely cloudy to sometimes cloudy in the rest of the country, with snow falling over the peaks of the Atlas highlands.

It is also expected to record somewhat strong wind gusts locally in the Atlas, the center of the country, the south, the south-east, the eastern region, the Tangier region and the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

Minimum temperatures will range between 00 and 06 degrees in the Atlas Highlands, and between 12 and 16 degrees in the south of the Kingdom and near the coasts, and will be between 07 and 12 degrees in the rest of the Kingdom.

As for temperatures during the day, they will drop in the north, center and east of the country.

The sea will be rampant to a little rampage in the Mediterranean region, a little rampage to a strong rampage in the Bugas, and a little rampage to a strong rampage north of Tarfaya.

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