Muslim Magomayev’s belongings in the Crocus museum were destroyed as a result of a terrorist attack

In “Crocus” on the second floor there was a museum of Muslim Magomayev. His concert costumes, awards, medals burned to the ground


03/25/2024 10:34

The belongings of People’s Artist of the USSR, Soviet pop opera singer Muslim Magomayev were completely burned as a result of the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall.

The concert hall named after the artist was opened in 2009 by his friends, businessman Araz Agalarov and his son, musician Emin Agalarov. On the territory of the building there was a museum of the opera singer, which displayed his things or those associated with him – ceremonial costumes, awards, medals.

It is known that everything in the museum, which was supervised by the Muslim Magomayev Cultural and Musical Heritage Foundation, burned down due to a fire started by terrorists.

Recently, the owner of Crocus City Hall, Araz Agalarov, announced that he intends to restore the destroyed concert hall in memory of those who innocently died within its walls.

Previously video appeared the last rehearsal of “Picnic” before the terrorist attack in “Crocus”.

Author Alexander Shevtsov

Alexander Shevtsov – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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