More human remains were found at the site of the burned-down Romanian boarding house

However, numerous irregularities were also revealed in connection with the operation of the institution.

illustration, MTI/Zsolt Czegl├ędi

In Romania, new human remains were found on Friday at the site of the boarding house that burned down on Christmas, while numerous abnormalities were revealed at the Prahova County Disaster Prevention Inspectorate (ISU), the Prahova County Prosecutor’s Office and State Secretary Raed Arafat said.

According to the report of the Agerpres news agency, the prosecutors announced:

the bones found on Friday are being subjected to genetic tests, as they may be the remains of the eighth victim, who is still listed as missing. Seven other victims of the boarding house fire were identified using DNA samples.

The prosecutor’s office also announced that it had completed the on-site investigation and closed the scene. Several witnesses were questioned, documents were checked, criminal proceedings are underway in the case on suspicion of manslaughter and vandalism.

Raed Arafat, head of the Department of Disaster Management (DSU) of the Ministry of the Interior, presented the results of the investigation into the fire that claimed at least seven lives at a press conference on Friday.

According to the report of Digi24, it was found that there was no smoke detector in the guest house that burned down in the Tohani settlement.

and should have been closed during the 2019 inspection of the Prahova county ISU, despite this, the owner only received a warning. As it turned out, the county leaders of disaster management turned a blind eye to the rule violations experienced at the county’s boarding houses, and instructed their subordinates to do the same.

According to Arafat, there were “known” problems at the institution, which is why the then chief inspector and his deputy retired two years ago. At the request of his superiors, the current chief inspector also resigned on Thursday, the institution and prevention activities are managed by experts from Bucharest and Brasov.

The anti-corruption prosecutor’s office (DNA) also conducted an investigation into the 2019 audit, which was closed this year due to a lack of evidence.

Agerpres wrote.

Raed Arafat also talked about how the boarding house could operate without a building permit. A 2011 amendment to the law created a legal basis for this, he said, but they are now taking the initiative to abolish it. The previous day, the Ministry of Economy and Tourism also announced that it would amend the law so that accommodations without building and fire safety permits could not be granted operating permits.

Citing Arafat, Digi24 reported that more than 3,000 catering facilities in Romania do not have fire safety permits, more than a thousand of them are in Prahova County. He also pointed out that the national institution is struggling with a shortage of professionals, the number of inspectors has halved.

The boarding house in Tohan, full of guests, caught fire on Tuesday, 26 people were staying in the building, they had attended a meeting the night before.

The two-story wooden building was quickly engulfed in flames, the people living on the ground floor escaped in time, but the guests upstairs – five adults and three children – were declared missing. The charred bodies of seven victims were found in the rubble.

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