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The mother of the national games, “athletics”, regained some of its luster in 2023, unlike previous years, after winning two medals in the World Championships, which took place in Budapest, thanks to Sofiane El Bakkali, in the 3000 meter steeplechase, and Fatima Zahraa Kirdadi, in the marathon race. For ladies.

The Moroccan runner, Sofiane El Bakkali, achieved first place in the final race of 3,000 meters steeplechase, on Tuesday, August 22nd, at the 19th World Athletics Championships in Budapest, achieving the gold medal.

Champion Al-Bakali finished the race in first place with a time of 8:03.53 minutes, while the Ethiopian runner, Lamesha Girma, took second place in the race, while the Kenyan runner, Kebewa, took third place.

Fatima Zahra Kirdadi presented her second medal to Morocco at the World Athletics Championships, which was held in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, after she won bronze for coming third in the marathon race, the stages of which were held on Saturday, August 26.

Fatima Zahra Kirdadi, 31 years old, ranked 159th in the world, and who ran a time of 2:25:03 this year in the Rabat Marathon, “completed” the race in a time of 2:25.17, giving Morocco its second medal at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest 2023. , after Sofiane El Bakkali’s gold medal in the 3000 meter steeplechase.

This is the first time that Morocco has won two medals in athletics in one edition, since the tenth edition held in Helsinki in 2005, in which Morocco won three medals, a gold thanks to runner Jawad Gharib in the marathon, and two silver for Hasna Ben Hassi. (800 m) and Adel Al-Kush (1500 m).

In this regard, Al-Hussein Ben Zreikanat, the national athletics supervisor and analyst for the “BeIN Sports” channels, confirmed that the Moroccan participation in the World Athletics Championships, which took place in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, was good, after obtaining two medals, the gold of Sofiane El Bakkali. , in the 3000-meter steeplechase, and Fatima Al-Zahraa Kirdadi, in the marathon.

Ben Zrekinat continued, in a statement exclusively to Al-Youm 24, that obtaining two medals in the World Championship is not an easy matter, so participation is considered good and exceptional, given that Morocco’s ranking on the medal board is considered better than many advanced countries in the game.

The same speaker advised that what is also most important in this year’s World Championship is the emergence of new faces who have shined remarkably, despite their inability to win a medal. There are also small faces in the 1,500 meters distance, which is considered the future of Morocco in this discipline, and this is something. Important for Moroccan athletics in the upcoming championships.

Ben Zrekinat pointed out, in the same statement, that the most important thing in this period is the encouragement and motivation from the people, and from all those who follow athletics, because demolition is easy and construction is difficult, stressing at the same time that two medals in the World Championships are an honor for Morocco and for athletics. And to the Royal Moroccan Federation of the Game.

Al-Hussein explained that the level of international athletics has developed greatly, and Morocco is also constantly developing, by obtaining the first medal in history in the “women’s” marathon, thanks to Fatima Zahraa Kardadi, noting that since the establishment of all universities in Morocco, Morocco has not obtained any medal. In the “Women’s” Marathon, except during the current university era

Ben Zrekinat added that Al-Bakali was in a challenge with the world record holder, Girma, which put him under great pressure, especially since the entire international press turned towards Girma. However, Al-Bakali denied all speculation, and told them that he was the Moroccan hero, Ibn Atlas, Ibn Fez, and there was no Any runner would defeat him right now.

The beIN Sports channel analyst concluded his statements by clarifying that the Royal Moroccan Athletics Federation, and the game itself, is on the right track, so everyone should be encouraged, pointing out that the conflict between the clubs and the university does not serve Moroccan athletics.

The achievements of the world and Olympic champion, Moroccan Sofiane El Bakkali, continued after he was able to record the best global achievement of the year at the Mohammed VI Forum, which was held in Rabat, and to break the conference’s record in the 3000m steeplechase after finishing the race in a time of 7 minutes, 56 seconds, 68/100 meters.

Morocco’s brilliance in athletics continued, after winning 57 medals, including 22 gold, 16 silver, and 19 bronze, during the ninth Francophone Games held in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The brilliance continued to the World Athletics Championships for People with Special Needs in Paris 2023 after winning seven medals. Three of them were gold, with Fatima Zahraa Al Idrissi breaking the world record in the 1500m (T12 category).

The brilliance of the Moroccans in the Mother of Games concluded with Morocco topping the final standings of the seventh session of the Moulay El Hassan International Athletics Forum for Persons with Disabilities in Marrakesh after winning 39 medals (16 gold, 13 silver, and 10 bronze).

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