Mouloudia Oujda defeats Renaissance Zamamra in its home – Today 24

Mouloudia Oujda was able to defeat RS Zamara with a clean goal, in the match that took place today, Friday, on the grounds of Ahmed Choukry Stadium in Zammara, for the 13th round of the professional tournament in its first division.

The first half ended as it began with the sound of whiteout, after the two teams failed to translate the opportunities they had into goals, as a result of the lack of offensive effectiveness, and the haste and lack of concentration of the players in the final touch when reaching the operations box, whether in shooting or passing, so that deciding the identity of the victor was postponed. Until the second round.

The second round was completely different from the previous one, after Mouloudia Oujda was able to open the scoring in the 61st minute through player Amine Sawan, and NS Zamamra found themselves required to rush with the largest number of players, if they wanted to achieve a tie, to come out with the least damage, by gaining a point instead of losing points. All three are complete, especially since the match takes place in front of its fans and on its home field.

Nahdet Zamamra tried to equalize through the attempts made available to it, but failure was the most prominent feature of all the opportunities, as a result of the lack of offensive effectiveness, while Mouloudia Oujda did not succeed in reaching Mohamed Ferni’s net for the second time, in light of the latter’s brilliance in the saves, so the match ended. With Sinbad of the East’s victory with a clean goal over Zakaria Hadraf’s comrades.

Mouloudia Oujda raised its score to 14 points in 12th place, equal in number of points with Moghreb Fes, which is in row 11, while RS Zemmara’s score froze at point 16 in eighth place, with the same number of points as Olympique Safi VII.

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