An unidentified flying object flew into Poland, it could have come from the Russians

According to the signs, a Russian missile has once again violated Poland’s airspace.


An as yet unidentified aircraft from the direction of Ukraine flew into Eastern Poland on Friday morning

– announced the operations command of the Polish army. The object was monitored from the moment it crossed the border until it disappeared with the radar devices of the national air defense system.

The radio signals of the object disappeared in the vicinity of the city of Zamosc in eastern Poland, and there are currently no reports of injuries or explosions. Lieutenant General Wiesław Kukuła, Chief of Staff a Washington Post according to stated:

Everything points to a Russian missile entering Polish airspace.

In connection with the incident, the combat readiness of the Polish Air Force was raised.

This is the umpteenth similar incident since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. In 2022, a similar missile killed two Polish citizens in the town of Przewodów in eastern Poland.

Russia launched it on the day of today’s airspace violation a comprehensive air attack against the major cities of Ukraine, causing the death of many civilians. Volodymyr Zelensky said of Friday’s incident that the Russians fired with virtually every type of weapon they had.

Source: MTI, Washington Post

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