Named 5 combinations of foods that are poorly digestible

Named 5 combinations of foods that are poorly digestible


03/25/2024 05:05

When eating healthy, it is important not only to give preference to healthy foods, but also to combine them correctly. If the combination is incorrect, then all the benefits of the product will be reduced to almost zero.

So, you should stop using grilled cheese sandwich. This breakfast is quite popular, but it is poorly digestible. Only the protein from the cheese can be digested in the stomach; the starch from the sandwich will contribute to the appearance of toxic substances in the body.

It is worth paying attention to rye bread with coffee. Due to caffeine, the beneficial substances from bread cannot be absorbed into the body. Therefore, it is better to separate this combination.

Omelette with cheese and bacon contains several types of proteins, there are many of them for normal absorption in the body. It is better to give preference to just an omelet with herbs.

Pasta with tomatoes Although they are considered a classic combination, tomatoes do not combine well with starchy foods, since starches cannot be absorbed due to acids. If cheese is also added, digestion will be impaired.

Porridge with jam can cause fermentation in the stomach due to sugar. If there are other products in the gastrointestinal tract, the consequences can be unpredictable.

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