optimal washing times to preserve shape and beauty

Secrets of bra durability: optimal washing times to maintain shape and beauty


03/25/2024 05:05

How often should you wash your bra? This question often causes debate, because determining the degree of contamination of these items can be difficult. However, experts from the portal will today tell you how often you need to wash your laundry.

Danny Koch, a bra expert, recommends washing them after every second or third wearingto maintain their integrity and shape. Because constant wearing leads to underwear absorbing oil from the skin and traces of deodorant, and the elasticity of the straps suffers from constant tension. He also adds that bras can absorb moisture and bacteria, which leads to unpleasant odor and even skin irritation.

Although many people don’t wash their bras as often as recommended, some experts believe that wash every one to two weeks is a reasonable solution if there is no heavy sweating.

For those who want to maximize the life of their bras, it is recommended to have several pairs and rotate them so that they can regain their shape and elasticity between wears.

SOS! How to properly wash a bra?

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