Egor Creed and Instasamka donated a million rubles each for victims of the terrorist attack

Instasamka, Yegor Creed and Dima Maslennikov donated money for victims of the terrorist attack


03/25/2024 05:47

After the tragedy at Crocus, many Russian celebrities expressed their condolences and provided assistance to the victims.

An Instagram woman transferred a million rubles to the Russian Red Cross, calling on everyone to join in helping.

Egor Creed and Dima Maslennikov also joined the initiative, expressing their support and willingness to help those affected by this terrible tragedy.

Author Daniil Polonikov

Daniil Sergeevich Polonikov (December 19, 2003, Ivanovo) – student at the Higher School of Economics, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru.

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