News about an upcoming government amendment creating a state secretariat for social affairs affiliated with the Ministry of Finance – Al-Youm 24

Al-Youm 24 learned that a government reshuffle is expected in the coming weeks, which would lead to changing some ministerial names, appointing others, and reconsidering the government’s structure with the appointment of a number of state secretaries.

Sources reported that one of the most prominent amendments proposed is the creation of a state secretariat in charge of social affairs, affiliated with the Ministry of Finance, whose duties include coordinating the work of institutions that manage social support and health coverage programs.

According to an informed source, the creation of a state secretariat in charge of social affairs comes to solve practical problems that emerged with the start of implementing social support programs, in order to better coordinate the work of the various stakeholders in the field of social support.

A communiqué from the Royal Court, issued on October 7, 2021, with the formation of Aziz Akhannouch’s government, had announced that King Mohammed VI had received, at the Royal Palace in Fez, the Prime Minister and members of his new government consisting of 24 ministers, indicating that “a secretary of state will later be appointed in some areas.” Ministerial sectors.

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