Not a serious attitude. An ENT specialist explained why a runny nose is dangerous

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A runny nose accompanies many viral infections. At the same time, a snotty nose is usually considered something frivolous and not requiring attention. And it’s completely in vain, Vladimir Zaitsev, Ph.D., otolaryngologist of the highest qualification category, tells

Under no circumstances should a runny nose be considered harmless. In fact, it can cause a lot of trouble. Today the snot is mucous, tomorrow it turns white, the next day it turns yellow, and after a couple of days it turns brown. And the process goes from viral to serous and purulent, as a result a person lives with pus in the sinuses.

So, for example, the simplest thing that can result from a runny nose that lasts without treatment is sinusitis. Inflammation and swelling in the nose will block the anastomosis, air will not circulate, stagnation of mucus will form in the sinuses, and suppuration will begin. Hence the temperature, pain and other problems.

However, a runny nose is also fraught with such a complication as inflammation of the meninges, known to us as meningitis. Rhinogenic and otogenic meningitis are not some abstract horror stories, but very real problems.

First, the snot turned green, the process became purulent, and as a result it turns out that there is pus in your head. Next, its concentration is important. The pus will give its answer, goes up and puts pressure on the membranes of the brain, breaking through there. The cerebrospinal fluid suppurates, all the membranes of the brain are covered with pus and meningitis develops. There may also be, depending on which membranes are affected, conditions such as arachnoiditis or sigmoid sinus thrombosis. These are the three most common complications. In fact, there are many more of them.

A person falls into a state of stoppage, then finds himself in a state of stupor, that is, increased drowsiness, and then everything flows into a state of coma. It is clear that this does not take hours, but days, but a serious process has been launched. And there are no filters to make everything easy to clean. Huge doses of antibiotics may be required for treatment. In addition, they will practically disassemble all the sinuses that the doctor does not like – the maxillary sinuses, the cells of the ethmoidal labyrinth, the main one: all those in which there is at least the slightest purulent process will be affected. The question is – is it worth it?

Also, a runny nose can cause otitis media if all the mucus goes into the ear. And, by the way, sinusitis from the ear against a runny nose can develop even faster than from the nose, since the distance is shorter.

In any case, a runny nose is a real danger, and it is not always easy to notice the line when it turns into a life-threatening state. It is better not to delay and not self-medicate, since incorrect treatment tactics also lead to a delay in the process. It is better to immediately consult a doctor even because of a seemingly trivial runny nose.

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