St. Petersburg has become the best city to celebrate the New Year in Russia

St. Petersburg, according to Russians, turned out to be the best city to celebrate the New Year in Russia. This opinion was expressed by 46% of citizens participating in the survey. Information is provided in the Tourism Development Committee.

Moscow and Veliky Ustyug also made it into the top three cities. Russians who participated in the survey noted that when traveling for the New Year, they primarily focus on the availability of attractions in the region, as well as the variety of entertainment, rich history, and events taking place in the city. Gastronomic joys are also of no small importance for New Year travelers.

Thus, it turned out that St. Petersburg is ideal on all counts, according to the majority of respondents.

Previously reported that the St. Petersburg Palace Bridge was recognized as the most picturesque in Russia – these are the results of a survey conducted by a booking service. We are talking about a survey among domestic tourists.

Author Ilya Klyuchnikov

Ilya Klyuchnikov is a journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service.

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