Nursing homes were entrusted to the Catholic Church

The Diocese of Szombathely will operate the Ezüsthíd Integrated Social Institution in Szombathely and the Ezüstplatán Integrated Social Institution in Táplánszentkereszt from the first of January, the county bishop János Székely announced at a press conference on Monday.

Photo: Pixabay

I want to continue the sacrificial work that has been done in these institutions with a little extra, he said.

“We want to bring the light of faith, God, to the elderly, to the bedside, the knowledge that life has meaning, purpose and fulfillment”

– he said.

He added: it is right to “not only talk” about faith, but also “show it with actions”; this can be the most attractive for many, and it can show the church’s authenticity, vitality, and willingness to serve.

Gyuláné Marx, the coordinator of the diocesan nursing homes, said that the home in Szombathely has 108 elderly residents, and 80 live in Táplánszentkereszti. Both institutions operate in an integrated manner, meaning that in addition to the elderly, they also care for people with dementia, people with disabilities, and people with psychiatric illnesses.

He also mentioned that, within the framework of a project supported by the European Union, so-called “subsidized housing” was created in both institutions, some of the residents were placed in a more familiar environment, in houses for twelve people, in double rooms, providing them with the necessary services for their care.

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