Péter Magyar also speculated about Antal Rogán: “Why are you silent, why are you hiding behind Berci Havasi?”

Judit Varga’s ex-husband promised on Monday that he will also try to provide a topic for the Orbán annual review due this weekend. Here is his latest post.

Photo: Partizán/YouTube

Péter Magyar asked Antal Rogán the following questions:

“Why are you silent, why are you hiding behind Berci Havasi? Many times you seemed like a much dumber dude than that. You are the almighty master of the government communications think tank, the ins and outs of communication in your little finger, why are you hiding from your constituents, why haven’t you held a press conference for years? Are you afraid of questions? “

Magyar then addresses István Tiborcz, whose virtues he immediately lists.

“You are a really talented person, at the age of 37 you have 100 billion, lots of hotels, banks, fund managers, lots of former valuable state real estate, Waberer’s, half of the Belgrade office market, Budapest office buildings that haven’t even been built yet (already leased to state companies). And that’s just what you already have in your name, isn’t it.”

He then continued:

“What other companies are you taking over these days? How many government loans or subsidies did you receive/receive in total to put together your portfolio? What is your secret? So many people want to be inspired by your success story, since so many Hungarian people went to good schools, work hard and somehow the stars don’t line up so fortunately for them. What is your goal? If ten years from now there will be one more zero at the end of the long string of numbers, is that enough? Have you recently visited villages in Borsod, where children sometimes play in the yard without warm clothes even in winter?”

Here is the full post.

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