Péter Magyar is also preparing a surprise for Viktor Orbán’s annual review

On February 17, Viktor Orbán will hold his usual annual review, and he may be a little nervous about what else Judit Varga’s ex-husband has in store for the more than one million views. Partisan interview after.

Photo: MTI/Zsolt Szigetváry

Because Péter Magyar – in response to to the government’s degrading statement – he wrote, he doesn’t feel desperate at all, he’s doing very well, and he even raised the stakes:

Today I found out from the prime minister’s spokesman Berci Havasi (he is known for pushing journalists away instead of making a statement and keeping Viktor Orbán’s coke box as a relic) that the government does not deal with the desperate attempts of a person in a hopeless situation. Well, I’m also telling Berci that I don’t feel like I’m in a hopeless situation at all, I had an amazing time playing football with my sons in the afternoon and I haven’t felt so motivated in a long time to finally clean public life of what and who we need

– wrote Magyar, then added:

“The Prime Minister’s annual evaluation speech will take place at the weekend, for which I will try to provide a topic in my own way”.

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