add these drinks to your diet

Strengthening vascular health is simple: add these drinks to your diet


02/13/2024 08:49

Russian nutritionist Mikhail Ginzburg identified three different drinks that can help the human body in the fight against blood clotting.

According to the expert, the first on the list of drinks that support vascular health and prevent thrombosis is leafy green tea. The catechins it contains not only improve the fluidity of the blood, but also prevent its thickening and the clumping of blood cells. These substances also have an anti-inflammatory effect, which significantly reduces the risk of thrombosis.

Similar properties are inherent in natural cocoa beans. A drink made from them, commonly known as cocoa, also helps prevent blood elements from sticking together and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Another effective drink that prevents vascular thrombosis is natural berry juice. Live berries, rich in antioxidants, have a beneficial effect on the condition of vascular walls and blood in general.

It is clarified that sugar should absolutely not be added to tea, cocoa and fruit drinks in order to preserve the beneficial properties.

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