Straighten your shoulders and improve your posture: start doing these five simple exercises

Your shoulders will straighten, your posture will improve: start doing these five simple exercises – recommended for everyone who sits a lot


02/13/2024 08:19

Many people often experience shoulder cramps due to a sedentary lifestyle. They are often rounded up. Exercises to open them will help relieve tension, which leads to poor posture, neck pain and difficulty breathing.

Six Yoga Shoulder Exercises from a Certified Yoga Instructor and Senior Teacher at YogaWorks in Los Angeles Maya McCann will help you. Hold each pose for three to five breaths to truly feel the stretch. A selection of exercises was published on the website

1. “Reverse Prayer”

Push your shoulders back a few times to make sure your shoulders don’t rise up to your ears. Then place your hands behind your back and place your palms together in a prayer position. If your hands don’t come together all the way, you can always just touch your knuckles or bandage them with a yoga strap, resistance band, or towel.

2. Bend your legs shoulder-width apart with a twist

This yoga pose improves blood flow to the upper body.

Stand with your feet hip-distance apart and lengthened at the spine as you bend over your feet.

Press one palm into the ground and lift the other arm toward the ceiling, rotating your torso in the same direction as the raised arm. Repeat on the other side.

3. “Eagle Hands”

Straighten both arms in front of you.

Place your left hand under your right so that the backs of your hands touch each other. Be sure to slide your shoulder blades down your back, enjoying the opening of the front of your body.

4. Camel Pose

Kneel with your knees approximately hip-width apart and your quadriceps perpendicular to the ground. From here, place your hands on your lower back with your fingers pointing down while lengthening across your spine and leaning back as if you were leaning over a large beach ball.

5. “Hands with a Cow’s Face”

Raise your right arm up so that it is parallel to your spine and point it towards your shoulder so that your fingers point down.

Place your left hand behind your back and extend it towards your right hand. If your hands are joined without support, clasp the fingers of your right and left hands together.

Otherwise, hold a belt or towel in each hand to close the distance between them.

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