Profit tax is calculated. Which deposits should be subject to levy | November 21, 2023

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You will have to pay 13% of the income on deposits from the amount calculated using the formula “maximum key rate multiplied by 1 million rubles.” Thus, now interest received in an amount of less than 150 thousand rubles will not be taxed.

Payments must be made to the tax authorities before December 1, 2024, emphasizes BCS World of Investments stock market expert Valery Emelyanov:

“150 thousand rubles for the whole year is such a cut-off. If you earn more on all deposits in all banks, accordingly, pay tax on this difference. If not, then do not pay anything. There are less than two months left until the end of the year. Who One of the lucky investors, having put money under this maximum 15%, theoretically in general can earn 150 thousand rubles only from an amount of at least 6 million rubles. If before that he had no deposits at all and now decided to do this due to high rates, then only if the profit from the deposit exceeds 150 thousand rubles, he will pay 13%.

In order to reach the non-taxable 150 thousand for the whole year, a person who constantly had some kind of deposits must take into account the number of days that the money was on them, the amount and the rate.

It is clear that everything is individual, but you can average it and roughly estimate how much it is. The rate changed throughout the year, mostly increasing, but on average it was only about 9%, not 15% as it is today. At a rate of 9% on a deposit, you should have kept at least 1.7 million rubles there. taking into account the fact that the funds were constantly there. Starting from this amount, you can theoretically be subject to taxation, but again from the excess. That is, you will collect these non-taxable 150 thousand rubles. for the whole year, only if you have 1.7 million rubles. scattered across different banks and deposits, cards, and so on.”

The head of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, admitted in early November that before the new year the regulator could once again increase the key rate, but in this case, in 2024 it would reduce it as inflation decreases. The next meeting of the Central Bank on this issue is scheduled for December 15. If the rate increases further, the non-taxable amount of tax on interest on deposits will also increase, however, banks will independently submit information on deposits, and the tax office will then calculate the required payment, says tax expert Natalya Kordyukova:

“Foreign currency is recalculated, and we take the ruble equivalent. It should be noted from the outset that for the individual himself, the calculation does not matter. That is, we need to double-check the tax office if we are talking directly about this tax, because the tax authority considers it. And it is paid according to the notification that the individual receives. That is, the tax office calculates everything for us and sends it to us. As for a possible increase in the key rate, nothing can be ruled out; the year is not over yet. The Central Bank is quite active in changing this indicator. In this case, we take the maximum rate if it lasts until the first day of the month – we have this strange little squiggle in our code, we have to take it into account. We multiply this value by 1 million. If it is 17%, then the amount will be 170 thousand rubles. If 20%, then 200 thousand rubles. That is, increasing the rate is beneficial for the payer.”

Deposit Insurance Agency at the beginning of August it was reported that the average deposit of an individual in the first half of this year was 310 thousand rubles. At the same time, according to the DIA, the vast majority of holders (98%) had deposits in an amount below the agency’s insurance, which is 1.4 million.

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