“Rosgosstrakh”: Russians most often insure outbred animals

In Russia, mongrel dogs and cats turned out to be the most frequent “clients” of insurance companies


03/25/2024 05:06

Russians most often insure outbred dogs and cats, reported Rosgosstrakh and the Pulse company.

They obtained these results by analyzing the insurance programs “My Beast” and “Pulse. Pet”.

It turned out that mongrels account for 39.89% of “dog” insurance policies, and among insured cats the number of mongrels is 70.77%.

As for purebred animals, most often owners insure cats and dogs originally from the British Isles.

Thus, the leader among canines was the Yorkshire terrier (4.15%). “Silver” went to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi (3.34%), and the French Bulldog and Chinese Pug shared an honorable third place (2.8% and 2.37%, respectively).

Among cats, the most frequently insured are the British Shorthair (4.6%) and the Scottish Fold (4.5%). They are followed by the American Maine Coon (3.66%) and Sphynx (2%).

There are also rare breeds in the insurers’ ratings. Among the dogs, these are the Groenendael, Xoloitzcuintle and Lagotto Romagnolo. And among the cats are Chartreux, Mekong Bobtail and Selkirk Rex Longhair.

Previously insurers told about the most unusual insurance incidents with animals.

Author Olga Gladkikh

Olga Gladkikh – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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