Rules for caring for a bamboo blanket: secrets of proper washing and care

Experienced housewives know that the mode for washing feather products is also suitable for a bamboo blanket


02/13/2024 00:30

Many people pay attention to stylish bamboo products, but are not always aware of how to properly care for them. It is important to realize that improper washing can negatively affect the condition of the bamboo blanket.

Let’s look at a few important rules that should be considered when caring for such products.

Rules for caring for a bamboo blanket:

1. Powder selection: When choosing a detergent for a bamboo blanket, it is not always possible to find a specialized option. However, experienced housewives advise using high-quality powder in liquid form. This option is ideal for bamboo products.

2. Washing mode: Choosing the right wash cycle is key, as the wrong choice can damage your blanket. If your washing machine supports a feather mode, this will be the best option. Delicate wash is also suitable for bamboo blankets.

3. Rinse and spin: An important point in caring for a bamboo blanket is to rinse it twice after washing. You should also pay attention to the spin speed, which should not exceed 900 rpm. This precautionary step will help maintain the structure and quality of your bamboo blanket for a long time.

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