Russian Railways will change the price of services from January 1, 2024: all the details | December 30, 2023

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Prices for railway services will be slightly increased from January 1, 2024. This will affect Lux, SV, compartment cars, as well as some trains with seats. Read more about changes in prices for rail transportation and how to save on tickets in the Izvestia article.

Increase in ticket prices in 2024

On the site Russian Railways have already published changes in the cost of services compared to those in force until the end of the year. Sales of tickets for trips from January next year are already underway, taking into account the rise in prices. The new price tag will apply to Lux, SV, coupe cars, as well as cars with seats. However, this is not the only cost increase that has affected rail transportation.

In 2023, train ticket prices have increased several times. Thus, from January 1, 2023, the price of long-distance trains was indexed by 8.1%, this affected compartment, SV and Lux ​​cars. In addition, from December 1, 2023, prices for tickets in a reserved seat, some compartments, SV and Lux ​​were increased. Indexation was 10.75%. According to the Federal Passenger Company (FPK), which transports passengers on almost all long-distance trains in Russia, the indexation amount does not exceed the parameters of the socio-economic development of the Russian Federation.

The cost of railway tickets in communication with the Crimean Peninsula in compartment, SV and luxury cars from January 1, 2024 is expected to increase by seven percent, the press service of the carrier Grand Service Express (GSE) told RIA Novosti.

In Kaliningrad, there will also be an increase in tariffs for commuter trains from January 1. The cost of a trip for a distance of up to 10 km will be 31 rubles, and for each subsequent kilometer – 2 rubles 43 kopecks, according to the official telegram channel of JSC KPPK Kaliningrad Lastochka. You can get to the Svetlogorsk-2 station for 118 rubles, and to Zelenogradsk-Novy for 84 rubles. In addition, issuing tickets for passengers who did not manage to buy a ticket before departure will increase in price by 27 rubles from January 1, 2024.

It is noted that tariffs in the regulated segment (reserved seats and general carriages) are determined by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), and in the deregulated (SV, coupe, Lux) – the railway company providing transportation.

The cost of some tickets will increase due to the establishment of new tariffs by regional departments.

Thus, from January 1, 2024, the price of a ticket for the Lastochka, which runs between Magnitogorsk and Chelyabinsk, will increase. The cost of a standard ticket from Magnitogorsk to Chelyabinsk will increase from 975 rubles to 1,080 rubles, and travel in business class will cost 2,527 rubles. The updated prices were approved by the Ministry of Tariff Regulation and Energy of the region.

Travel will also be raised in the Volgograd region. According to the order of the tariff regulation committee of the Volgograd region, the cost of travel on commuter trains for one 10-kilometer zone will be 22 rubles, and the single fare on an electric train, regardless of the distance, will be 44 rubles.

In Rostov-on-Don, travel in several directions on the city train will cost 27 rubles per trip in 2024, regardless of the distance. The corresponding resolution was published by the regional tariff service of the Rostov region.

The cost of commuter trips will also change in the Novosibirsk region. From January 1, 2024, travel within the 1st and 2nd tariff zones and on the “city train” from Novosibirsk-Vostochny to the settlement. Suburban space will be equal in cost to urban transport and will be 35 rubles. A trip by train within the third tariff zone (to Soyer) will cost 46 rubles. A ticket to Berdsk will cost 82 rubles. A trip to Barabinsk will cost 320 rubles. The highest price is set for a ticket to Tatarskaya – 560 rubles. The order on the new cost of electric trains was published on the website of the tariff department of the Novosibirsk region.

How to save on train tickets

Due to the fact that the cost of train tickets varies throughout the year and depends on the season and holidays etc. You should pay attention to the flexible tariff regulation schedule.

According to the graph, prices can either increase or decrease, with a maximum increase of 20%. The most expensive tickets are on holidays, school holidays and in the summer. The cheapest ones are during periods when people practically do not travel anywhere, for example, in autumn and winter.

Also, the cost of tickets is affected by a dynamic pricing system, which covers 95% of transportation in compartment, SV, Lux and seated carriages. Its main principle is that the higher the demand and fewer seats, the higher the ticket price. Moreover, the cost of travel also depends on the distance, popularity of the route, time of year, day of the week, number of days before departure and much more.

To save on rail transportation, you should take into account all factors: demand, date of travel and ticket purchase, direction and others.

Previously, tickets were sold 45 days before the trip, with the lowest price on the first day. Ticket sales currently begin 90 days in advance, but there is no guarantee that ticket prices will be lower on the first day. On the contrary, users often noticed that if there are a lot of train tickets left, the cost of them decreases a few days after departure. However, if there are few available tickets, this does not happen.

The main factor in changing ticket prices is seasonality. Tickets become noticeably cheaper when people practically do not travel and become more expensive if everyone goes on vacation, to the country, or back home. For greater savings, you should also take into account the day of the week. Many people like to travel on weekends, so ticket prices increase noticeably on Friday evenings, when people go on a mini-trip after work, and especially on Sunday evenings, when they return. The price also changes depending on the time of departure and arrival – usually tickets for trains leaving at 4-5 am are cheaper than those with a more comfortable time. Thus, a difference of one day or a couple of hours can greatly affect the ticket price.

Another factor on which the price depends is the location of the seats in the carriage and their convenience. Depending on whether the seat is at the top or bottom, at the beginning of the car or in the middle, the price may differ. People are usually reluctant to buy top shelves and toilet shelves, hence they are cheaper.

In addition to the listed options for saving on trains, Russian Railways and various banks often offer discounts on travel. Russian Railways also has its own loyalty program, which allows you to accumulate points and spend them on trips. In addition, it is worth keeping an eye on the promotions that the company offers.

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