Scientists have studied the path of plasma ejection into the Sun and its connection with space weather

Scientists were able to study the path of solar matter at a distance of up to one star radius, that is, about 700 thousand km. During this time, the volume of ejected mass increased hundreds of times.

The high resolution of observations was provided to specialists by the Siberian radioheliograph – a mega-installation of 526 antennas that allow you to “see” the Sun in different frequencies of radio waves. This instrument for astrophysical research is considered the best in its class in the world.

“The discovery is that we discovered the release of thermal energy inside the expanding ball of plasma and established the main cause of this phenomenon – the electric currents that flow inside the prominence. A similar phenomenon occurs when wires are heated,” explained one of the authors of the discovery, ISTP chief researcher Arkady Uralov.

Then we can simply assume that the remaining parts of the solar corona are heated in a similar way, the scientist added.

According to scientists, studying such phenomena will help predict the speeds of particles in outer space and their impact on the planet’s magnetosphere.

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