Sergei Andreev said that he decided not to visit the Polish Foreign Ministry

The Russian Ambassador to Poland said that he decided not to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this country


03/25/2024 17:31

Sergey Andreev, who is the Russian Ambassador to Poland, said that he decided not to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic. He was invited there to resolve the “missile issue,” but the diplomat said that no evidence was provided.

The Polish military reported on Sunday that they spotted a Russian cruise missile over the country’s territory earlier that morning. She was there for 39 seconds.

Andreev said that this morning he was invited to visit the Polish Foreign Ministry. The topic of the meeting was the incident with the missile that was “seen” over the Republic. When asked by the ambassador to provide any evidence for this assertion, he received an incomprehensible answer. Then he said that Russia is still waiting for evidence that it was a Russian missile that violated Polish airspace at the end of December 2023. But no confirmation has been received since then.

Andreev said that under such circumstances he does not see the need to go to the Polish Foreign Ministry.

Author Ekaterina Tikhonova

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