Soviet New Year in the spirit of Miyazaki shown on video

Online appeared a new video in the style of the Japanese animation studio Ghibli. As before, animators Dmitry Alekseev and Sergey Kozlov created it using the Midjourney neural network. The new video is dedicated to the celebration of the New Year in Soviet and post-Soviet times.

Snow-covered high-rise buildings, rickety snowmen, Olivier on porcelain plates with gilding and floral patterns are just a small part of the famous New Year’s attributes that were used in the video. The characters in the video also add a nostalgic mood – little children who ride on a sleigh, decorate a Christmas tree and catch snowflakes with their tongues.

“At the end of the year, many of us feel empty and melancholy. Another year flew by like a flash. There is less and less New Year’s mood, we have matured and only the memories of “those” winter holidays echo with the warm echo of time. We want to give you a little warmth and wish that even in the coldest years to come, you keep it in your hearts!” – says the description for the cartoon.

Previously, the same authors showed “Soviet childhood” in the same style.

Olesya Mayevskaya

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