Super fertilizer for aloe plants: how to prepare it?

Aloe is not only an effective remedy for colds and other illnesses, but also an excellent source of fertilizer for plants.

To prepare the fertilizer, start by cutting off the large aloe leaves. Then, using a meat grinder or similar tool, grind the collected mass, creating a puree. The resulting puree should be transferred to a deep container and pour a glass of water for each tablespoon of the pulp. If this process is started in the morning, the next stage of preparing the fertilizer will be done in the evening. The procedure should be completed by filtering the resulting infusion through a filter.

According to Wikipedia, it is noted that Aloe vera, a species of succulent plant native to South Africa, is known for its medicinal properties and is widely used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Aloe leaves contain a thick juice that is often used as a medicine and cosmetic. In addition, aloe can be used in agriculture as a fertilizer, as it contains useful elements that promote plant development.

Aloe fertilizer. Organic growth stimulator

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