The Minister of Transport justifies the rise in the price of sea and air tickets with “high energy prices” – Al-Youm 24

Mohamed Abdel Jalil, Minister of Transport and Logistics, said that the increase in the price of sea and air tickets is due to the rise in energy prices, as well as due to high inflation rates at the international level.
Abdul Jalil added, during the oral questions session in the House of Advisors, on Tuesday, that the maritime and air transport sector is liberalized and subject to the logic of supply and demand, as his ministry cannot impose a specific price, stressing that what it can do is “make the supply diverse and the number of competing companies high.” In order to achieve appropriate conditions in terms of price and quality of services.”
In the same context, the Minister explained that air, sea, road and port services, through which “our country adopts a policy of liberalization as a gateway to creating wealth and creating job opportunities.”
The Minister excluded from this the maritime transport of passengers, which has not been liberalized due to its specificity, as there are 50 percent of Moroccan companies in the sector and another 50 international companies that fall within the framework of bilateral agreements between Morocco and these countries.
The Minister pointed out, on the other hand, “the necessity of developing new ports such as the port of Tangier on the Mediterranean coast as well as the Atlantic coast, and connecting them to the road and railway network.”
Abdul Jalil pointed out the necessity of strengthening the Atlantic dimension by thinking about forming a strong and competitive naval fleet, as His Majesty the King stressed in his lofty speech, noting that his ministry is preparing a study in this section to diagnose the situation of maritime navigation in the Atlantic and adapt it to international experiences. To create a competitive dynamic similar to the Mediterranean interface.

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