The bath can easily be cleaned of yellowish tints using such folk remedies

Give up chemicals: you can easily clean the bathtub of yellowish tints with the help of such folk remedies


02/12/2024 15:37

Many of us have encountered an unpleasant phenomenon – the appearance of yellow plaque in the bathroom. This not only destroys the visual perception of the bath itself, but also affects the overall impression of cleanliness in the room.

The solution to this problem can be found in a wide selection of chemical products from the store, but experienced housewives know several effective folk methods that will allow you to quickly clean the bathtub.

Folk remedies for bath care

One such method involves baking soda and ammonia. These ingredients are mixed to form a paste, which is then rubbed onto the contaminated areas of the bath. The mixture is left on the surface for one and a half hours and then washed off with warm water.

Lemon juice is also an effective remedy against yellow plaque. Before use, it should be warmed up and then evenly distributed over the entire surface of the bath. After half an hour, you can wash off the juice with warm water, getting excellent results in the fight against unpleasant pollution.

Author Peter Deryabin

Petr Deryabin – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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