Wreck derby: Orbán can appoint a new president of the republic from a selection of Fidesz members

Since Thursday, government propaganda has been testing the popularity and familiarity index of several Fidesz parties.

More and better faces are discussed. Source: Pixabay

Before Fidesz, no one nominated a specific party politician for president of the republic, and two of their three candidates so far failed.

Orbán, who is bleeding from a thousand wounds, does not want to leave the election to chance.

The President of the Republic Katalin Novák, involved in the pardon scandal, resigned from her office on Saturday, and then Judit Varga also announced her departure from public life.

From Monday, the Fidesz propaganda factory will launch a personal, wide-ranging investigation into the personality of their new “republican” president.

It’s okay for the new president to be a little gray and a little sour, but he should be unassailable

he said Index name his source, who requested his silence, adding: “János Áder was not a showman, but he still served two terms.”

With phone inquiries now

· Minister of Regional Development Tibor Navracsics “The EU funds will come tomorrow”,

· Minister of National Defense Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky “Casino Minister”,

· Béla Merkely “Partimalac”, rector of Semmelweis University

its acceptance is measured.

Among the possible candidates is the name of István Stumpf, a former reform communist, employee of the MSZMP KB Social Sciences Institute, vice president of the Patriotic People’s Front, the minister who led the Prime Ministership of the first Orbán cabinet, who served as a constitutional judge until 2019. László Trócsányi, the former Minister of Justice, who is currently a Fidesz EP representative, the party soldier responsible for the earlier tightening of the assembly law, came up for discussion.

László Kövér, the president of the Hungarian Parliament, was also discussed, but he resolutely rejected it, saying: he has no ambitions to be the head of state.

The name of László Trócsányi has already come up as a potential head of state candidate. The Fidesz government nominated him as a Hungarian member of the European Commission, but he did not become an EU commissioner because the EP’s legal committee rejected his candidacy due to a conflict of interest. In August 2021, it was suggested that he could replace János Áder in the position of president of the republic in 2022, Fidesz finally nominated Katalin Novák.

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