The biblical story completes the trilogy of Yuri Grymov at the Modern Theater

“Today it is especially important to talk about Christ and the Antichrist, to look for answers within centuries-old history and, most importantly, within ourselves!”
Yuri Grymov

On March 31, Yuri Grymov’s play “Judas” will be shown at the Modern Theater. The director turns to the most famous plot of the Gospel – the betrayal of one of the 12 apostles, disciples of Jesus Christ.

Jesus, Judas, Pilate, Herod, Caiaphas, Mary Magdalene – the role of each of them in biblical history is familiar to any believer. At the same time, all the revelations and events that happened many centuries ago, every day encourage modern man to reason and ask himself questions about good and evil, true faith and forgiveness, betrayal and love…

“Judas?” directed by Yuri Grymov, this is an investigative performance. Why did Judas commit betrayal? For profit? Then why did you return the money? Repented? What deep meanings are hidden in this biblical story? Director and culturologist Yuri Grymov will present his interpretation, thereby putting an end to the stage trilogy “Antichrist and Christ”.

“You’ve probably noticed that in each new part of the trilogy “Antichrist and Christ” we move further and further into the depths of centuries. “Judas” – more than 2000 years ago. That’s where it all began. There the hardest line between good and evil passed. Those events determined the spiritual and moral life of a person. In the play, we talk about how it was, and try not only to believe, but also to look at what happened then as an absolute reality. This is a very real and material story,” says Yuri Grymov.

The first performance of the trilogy – “Peter the Great” – is running at the Modern Theater for the third season. The second part – “Leonardo” – is dedicated to the Renaissance Master Leonardo da Vinci (the premiere took place in October 2022). The order in which these two productions are viewed, according to the director, is not important. But Yuri Grymov recommends watching “Judas” last.

And again, as in most of Yuri Grymov’s productions, the entire troupe of the Modern Theater is involved. The play has many crowd scenes, meanings, and details. Light, sound, smells – everything works to show that this story is not a fairy tale. The question is how to interpret this reality?

The time period is from the entry of the new Prophet into Jerusalem to the present day. Moreover, the performance is conceived in one act.

The author of the play is Alexander Shishov. Costume designer: Irena Belousova.

Director: Yuri Grymov.


  • Lev Smirnov,
  • Vadim Pinsky,
  • Yuri Anpilogov,
  • Alexander Borisov,
  • Alexey Bagdasarov,
  • Bogdan Shchukin

and etc.

Curator Sergey Kargashin

Sergey Kargashin – journalist, poet, presenter of Pravda.Ru video broadcasts

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